Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Think you found a nice pair of sidewinders? Just post the link to the image or gallery (even better) here as a "comment". You can also submit a wannabe girl either as a single image or gallery link.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Felicity Fey - Wannabe shot

We need to find a good sidewinder shot of Felicity Fey. Isn't she just fucking adorable. Keep looking guys and report back once you find a link or pic. Unfortunately all the images I got so far clearly disqualify her as a sidewinder model.

Sidewinder Wannabes

The (sidewinder) term "Wannabe" refers to a girl that basically could be a stunning sidewinder model but no suitable pics have been submitted yet. In this case we have the lovely Tera Patrick with her new giant implants. Feel free to submit wannabe pics (ideally with the girl's name) and we'll try to find the necessary backshots.

Sidewinder rating tutorial

Let's sum up what we've discussed so far by rating this excellent tutorial image of Briana Banks. First we have to consider that it's just a MONO sidewinder (just one tit) which means a low base rating. Then we add the bonus points, in this case the extremely high heels, the (average) backsnatch and of course the perfect assgape. Even though she gets dangerously close to disqualification we have to admit there's no nipple showing. Nice job! I'd personally deduct a few points for the veins on her arms but that's a subjective decision. I'd say an 8.5/10 rating would be appropriate.

Clear cut case of disqualification

Now that you've seen or rather learned the basics let's take a look at a cheater. This chick must be disqualified because the nipple rule has been broken. Angled or profile shots are allowed but a sidewinder cannot show even the slightest hint of a nipple. She's disqualified and deservedly so. Zeros all the way. Don't waste our time babe. RATING 0/10

Briana Banks - Mono sidewinder

Another personal fake-boob favorite of mine, Briana. This is a typical case of a "Mono sidewinder". Just one tit is visible. This means of course that a couple of points need to be deducted from the final rating. She gets lots of bonus points though for the beautiful backsnatch and a couple more because of the "assgape". "Assgape" is the term we use here at Sidewinder Tits to identify spread buttcheeks revealing an appealing ass hole. Remember that guys, this is really important stuff if you wanna be a good sidewinder judge. RATING 8.5/10

Karina's big naturals

Beautiful sidewinder girl Karina with big natural boobs. Additional bonus points for the fantastic "backsnatch" view. RATING 9.5/10 (Explanation: "Backsnatch" views are the pussy equivalent to "Sidewinders". In order to get a 10/10 rating all factors such as a good ass, small waist, size of the visible sidewinders and of course "backsnatch" appeal have to be considered.

Perfect example for Sidewinder Tits

Two words: Veronika Zemanova - quite possibly the reigning Queen of sidewinders. Her tits in this pic are post-op, meaning she's already got implants. There's no sidewinder rule that says boobs have to be real, it simply doesn't matter as long as they look good. RATING 9.5/10